Are you drinking clean water from your dispenser???

Researchers recommend that water dispensers are cleaned and disinfected every 6-12 weeks to eliminate the presence of bacteria. Water dispensers should be disinfected regularly to avoid bacterial growth which can lead to stomach cramping, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems. The possibility of water from a dispenser tasting metallic or off is eliminated with regular servicing/disinfecting.

Deterge Nigeria Limited (DNL) is a company pioneering specialization in cleaning and disinfecting water dispensers (also known as “the servicing of water dispensers”). We seek to ensure Nigerians ingest hygienic and uncontaminated water from their water dispenser at all times.

We are building a growing reputation as a one-stop shop for all of our client’s water dispenser needs

Our fees

to service your dispenser

We charge N3,500 to clean and disinfect each dispenser irrespective of your location within Lagos. Places located by the city boundaries may attract an addittional token charge.

Our dispenser repair fees are provided upon request and are subject to the nature of defect detected by our engineers.
We look forward to providing you with impeccable service!

Why you need us!

  • You don’t move a finger! Our service is provided in the comfort of your home/office
  • Ditch the calendar! We remind you of your quarterly dispenser appointments
  • Safety guaranteed! Our technicians come highly recommended and trusted

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