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About Us!

Deterge Nigeria Limited (DNL) is a company pioneering the specialization in cleaning and disinfecting of water dispensers (also known as the “servicing of water dispensers”). We seek to ensure our clients ingest hygienic and uncontaminated water from their water dispensers at all times.

We are building a growing reputation as a one-stop shop for all of our client’s water dispenser needs.

DNL is committed to ensuring that our clients drink clean and unadulterated water from their water dispenser at all times. We are keen to contribute to our clients continued hygiene by providing first-class water dispenser cleaning and disinfecting services at a realistic price with no compromise on quality.


To create a strong awareness in Nigeria on the importance of maintaining clean water dispensers.


To ensure everyone in Nigeria ingests clean and bacteria-free water by ensuring their water dispensers are cleaned and disinfected effectively and effectively.

Experience the art of cleaniness


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